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Reflections on a hot housing market

Vancouver foreign buyer tax

Looking forward at housing by looking back at housing If you think back ten years ago, did you find housing overpriced? Looking back, if you did not buy a home then or since, do you wish you had? If you did buy, aren’t you glad you did? If you look at the market today, do… Read more »

Cash in on your property values with a refinance!

mortgage refinance

If you have followed my blog for a while, I think you would understand me saying that I find it difficult to come up with interesting original material to provide. ย I mean…I am selling getting into the biggest DEBT that most people will ever likely incur, and I talk about a local housing market that… Read more »

Toronto home prices “push the boundary”: BNN

Vancouver foreign buyer tax

There is a video on the BNN website in which they interview an economist with Mortgage Brokers Canada. ย He talks about the hot housing market in Toronto (which is the second hottest home market in Canada to Vancouver) among other things. ย One of the primary aspects of the hot market that he talks about is… Read more »

Watch out for the wolves!

I was meeting with my business development manager for Canadian Home Income Plan (CHIP) about their reverse mortgage product today, and he shared with me an experience with a client of his bank that is at once shocking but also, unfortunately, not uncommon. There is a private mortgage lender who advertises on the radio that… Read more »