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Cash in on your property values with a refinance!

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If you have followed my blog for a while, I think you would understand me saying that I find it difficult to come up with interesting original material to provide.  I mean…I am selling getting into the biggest DEBT that most people will ever likely incur, and I talk about a local housing market that… Read more »

Watch out for the wolves!

I was meeting with my business development manager for Canadian Home Income Plan (CHIP) about their reverse mortgage product today, and he shared with me an experience with a client of his bank that is at once shocking but also, unfortunately, not uncommon. There is a private mortgage lender who advertises on the radio that… Read more »

Advice on breaking your mortgage to get a lower rate – CBC

Here is a good article on the CBC website that talks about breaking your mortgage to refinance with a better interest rate. I would generally agree with the points made in the article, except that the last point regarding splitting up the mortgage into multiple components I would not necessarily agree with. One reason for… Read more »