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Advice on breaking your mortgage to get a lower rate – CBC

Here is a good article on the CBC website that talks about breaking your mortgage to refinance with a better interest rate. I would generally agree with the points made in the article, except that the last point regarding splitting up the mortgage into multiple components I would not necessarily agree with. One reason for… Read more »

Steady housing market in 2015, some moderation in 2016 – CTV News

I find the title slightly misleading, but the article on CTV News talks about a steady new housing market in 2015 and a slightly decreased one in 2016. Some of those expected causes include: a slowdown in the pace of construction, the shrinking poll of young, first-time buyers due to slower population growth, rising housing… Read more »

The US housing market recovery – what it means to you

I came across an article on the Mortgage Broker News website today briefly covering the US housing market conditions. β€œSales of new single-family homes in the US surged by 18.0 per cent to 504,000 annualized units in August 2014 to mark the highest level since May 2008,” a report from RBC Economics, published Wednesday, states…. Read more »