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“Days of Rock Bottom Mortgage Rates Numbered”

I came across the article Mortgages still the story of the day for the big banks in the Globe and Mail. It is a long article and the title of the article seems to not be entirely consistent with everything stated in the article (this seems to be pretty common practice in newspaper articles from… Read more »

Vancouver Mortgage and Real Estate Thoughts

I have now had some time to think about and digest more the changes that are coming April 19th to the mortgage rules, the ones that are published, and the ones that aren’t. Everyone is still cloudy on exactly how the changes will be implemented and additionally what effect it will have on the market,… Read more »

More CMHC Mortgage Policy Changes

The government today announced a couple more changes that impact homebuyers beyond the announcements made several weeks ago. These changes will be likely adopted by the other two mortgage insurers in Canada, AIG and Genworth.

Economists suggest rate hike imminent affecting variable rates

Another new item of news with mortgage implications has come out today: Pressure grows for Bank of Canada to hike rates In sharp contrast to my variable mortgage outlook from one day ago, this new article talks about very strong growth in the Canadian economy the past quarter, and how there is pressure to raise… Read more »

U.S. economy weakness helps keep variable mortgage rates low

This is one new article that came across my desk this morning: In summary, it is stating that the pace of growth for the US economy for the last quarter of 2009 was 5.9%, beating analyst estimates. Why is a mortgage broker writing a commentary on the US economy? I will tell you in… Read more »