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Toronto home prices “push the boundary”: BNN

Vancouver foreign buyer tax

There is a video on the BNN website in which they interview an economist with Mortgage Brokers Canada. ย He talks about the hot housing market in Toronto (which is the second hottest home market in Canada to Vancouver) among other things. ย One of the primary aspects of the hot market that he talks about is… Read more »

Watch out for the wolves!

I was meeting with my business development manager for Canadian Home Income Plan (CHIP) about their reverse mortgage product today, and he shared with me an experience with a client of his bank that is at once shocking but also, unfortunately, not uncommon. There is a private mortgage lender who advertises on the radio that… Read more »

BC Property Transfer Tax

New property transfer tax changes affect BC home buyers The latest BC government budget announced changes in how the property transfer tax is charged.ย  Here is a summary of the changes: -The property transfer tax will remain the same until the purchase price exceeds $2 million.ย  Currently, the tax rates are 1% of the first… Read more »