An Unusual Day As A Mortgage Broker

Jeff Evans

The Bankers Strike Back!

Those who may read a fair bit of my website would tend to know I don’t tend to hold a whole lot back to be diplomatic about my thoughts and feelings. Well, a few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Do You Trust Your Banker?” Now, it seems someone in a bank read the headline and took offense to it, apparently without reading the whole article. I believe that anyone who DID read the article would understand that the point that I was making was that just because the bank is a large institution that you should not just trust every word they say without questioning or thinking about it.

As an independent Vancouver mortgage broker, unquestioning trust is not a luxury I usually have. I have to be very clear in what I say and while doing so I try to provide as many options as possible and possible downsides to the options (if any). If someone does give me unquestioned trust, I don’t use it to my advantage to do whats best for me. I provide options, answer questions, and feel I provide a service as opposed to making a sale.

So why do I make the point of “be careful about trusting your banker” instead of saying “be careful about trusting anyone”? Its because people tend to hold their bank and bankers in reverence as if they would never suggest anything that isn’t in their best interests, and I am making the point that they should be just as cautious dealing with a bank as with anyone else they deal with.


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