Steady housing market in 2015, some moderation in 2016 – CTV News

Jeff Evans

I find the title slightly misleading, but the article on CTV News talks about a steady new housing market in 2015 and a slightly decreased one in 2016.

Some of those expected causes include: a slowdown in the pace of construction, the shrinking poll of young, first-time buyers due to slower population growth, rising housing prices in some markets and the anticipated interest-rate increase in late 2015.

The agency predicts housing starts to come in at 189,000 units for 2014, followed by 189,500 in 2015, before moving downward to 187,100 in 2016.

The difference in the new housing construction rate forecast appears to me to be minimal almost to the point of a rounding error. I do not believe it will have a significant impact on housing supply and demand, housing prices or mortgage policies. I guess writers need to write about something (looks in the mirror…).


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