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Retain Financial Stability with Line Of Credit Mortgages

Jeff Evans

If you are thinking of a line of credit that is secured by a mortgage against your home then consider HELOC (A home equity line of credit) mortgage. A HELOC similar to home equity loans can allow homeowners to borrow money against the built up equity in their home. Such mortgages depend on a varying rate that fluctuates with the prime rate of the Bank of Canada. On the other hand, the rate of interest is usually higher than a variable rate mortgage. However there is no need to select between them. HELOCs may offer you the borrowing flexibility but they also come with some risks, mainly financial discipline.

Home Equity Loan Rates

Is A HELOC A Savior In Emergency Financial Situations?

Irrespective of if you require to enhance your kitchen or get your leaky roof fixed, any home improvement or repairing project will never come cheap. For instance, remodeling of an average kitchen will cost almost $19,450 and the average roof replacement can be around $6000. If you do not have that much money in your bank account, you will require to borrow the find for remodeling or repairing.

HELOCs will give you flexibility to borrow and repay the money that you borrow. But you must be well disciplined when you borrow funds and repay the lenders. Also remember that to qualify for a HELOC you require to have the ratio of your debt to income in the lower 40s or less than that, a credit rating of 620 or more and a home value which is at least 20% greater than you actually owe.

How Will A HELOC Work?

In simple terms, a HELOC will appear to work almost like a credit card. You can borrow money up to a specific credit limit that is approved by the lender beforehand. As a homeowner, you need to repay the borrowed funds as well as the interest. Such an option can come with more flexibility i.e.; you can withdraw and make repayments on daily or weekly basis if needed.

A HELOC may act similar to a credit card and give you constant access to the equity of your home, but it has a big difference when it is related to your credit rating. Some credit bureaus will treat HELOCs of a specific size such as installment loans instead of revolving lines of credit. It means that if you borrow the total limit of your HELOC, it won’t create the same negative impact that maxing out a credit card would have. Similar to a line of credit, taking a new HELOC will affect your credit score.


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