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Is a debt consolidation mortgage a good choice help become debt-free?

Jeff Evans

Leading a life with overwhelming debt is difficult. An overpowering debt in retirement with restricted salary can be significantly harder. If you have previously investigated various approaches to deal with debt, you may have run across information regarding debt consolidation, which combines different debts into one payment. It will work if the debt isn’t inordinate and you have great credit and an arrangement to hold debt under tight restraints. Debt consolidation moves debts with high interests, for example, bills of credit cards, into one payment of lower interest. It can pay off your all out debt and rearrange it so you pay it off quicker.

In case you’re managing a reasonable measure of debt and simply need to rearrange numerous bills with various loan costs, installments and due dates, debt consolidation is an excellent strategy to achieve this.

What is working mechanism of debt consolidation?

Working mechanism debt consolidation

There are two essential approaches to merge debt, the two of which concentrate the debt installments into one month to month bill:

1. A credit card balance transfer feature and no interest:

Transfer every one of your debts onto this card and cover the equalization during the limited time frame. Some credit card companies will offer promotions such as this.

2. A debt consolidation loan with a fixed interest rate:

Use the cash from the loan to clear off your debt, at that point repay the loan in regular installments over a pre-decided term.

There is a wide range of ways that you can opt for debt consolidation. You can get a home equity line of credit (HELOC), home refinancing to get money out of that equity, or get an approval of a personal loan from any bank or comparative monetary institution. The best choice for an individual relies upon his credit rating and profile, just as the ratio of debt to-income.

Is debt consolidation a good idea?

Debt Consolidation choice

A debt consolidation loan generally must meet the below criteria:

  • Your debt payments including mortgage payments doesn’t surpass 42% of your gross income.
  • Your credit is strong to obtain a low interest card, line of credit or debt consolidation loan of low interest.

Here’s a situation when debt consolidation will be helpful Suppose you have 4 credit cards that have a rate of interest ranging from 18.99% to 24.99%. You generally make your installments on a  scheduled date, so your credit is great. You may fit the bill for an unsecured debt consolidation loan at a much lower rate of interest, for example an interest rate of 7% — a much lower rate of interest.

For some individuals, debt consolidation uncovers a promising finish to your current circumstances and a fresh start to the future. If you obtain a loan that has a term of 3 years, you realize it will get cleared off in 3 years — provided that you make your installments on schedule and control your spending. On the other hand, making minimum installments on your credit cards will create months or years before you pay the dues.

Consolidating debt is an excellent idea that you should investigate. Find out all the choices that are available to you and pick the one that bodes well for your circumstance.  If you own a home and have some equity in it, we can help you with consolidating your debt to increase your cashflow and save you money.  Call us today at 604-318-1292.


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