Special Legal Fee Mortgage Promotion

I have news of an exciting promotion available to visitors to my website. Contact me today, and quote the code LEGAL0612 in your communications and in addition to getting you a great mortgage rate, after I complete your mortgage financing, I will pay your legal fees and your appraisal for you! (more…)

Home Buyer Programs in BC Summarized

Speaking with a client this week, they were mentioning a government home buyer program that gives them $10,000 for being a first-time home buyer. I hadn’t heard of this before, and usually I am someone who is fairly on top of all this information. For this reason, I was surprised, and I decided to do some research.

It turns out, the client was half-right. I also didn’t know about this and it got me thinking that it would be good to summarize all the government programs and incentives currently available to BC and Vancouver area residents. As with a summary, I am including only the most important details for simplicity, please reference the source for all details. Without further adieu:


2.89% fixed rate mortgage for 4 years!

I have been enjoying all the radio, TV and print ads from the major banks telling everyone about 2.99% for 4 years as if they are offering you something special. I do have that available with other lenders as well, but I have something even better…2.89% for 4 years! That is better than the banks are offering!

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Tide Turns on Variable Mortgage Rates

Many in the public have been surprised at the rate increases in variable rate mortgages this past month. For myself and some others in the industry, the only surprise was that it took so long to do it. It has been a year in which lenders have been talking about how they were making minimal profits and even losing money on these variable rates. (more…)

The Bank of Canada Decision And How It Affects You

On Tuesday the Bank of Canada decided to leave its key lending rate unchanged at 1%, meaning that the prime rate for variable rate mortgages also will remain the same until at least their next meeting. I came across this article which I found very informative and talks about a number of various economic factors and statistics. (more…)

Consolidate Your Debt And Leverage Your Increased Real Estate Value With A Refinance!

With the recent news that in the past year Greater Vancouver real estate prices had increased by an average of 18% from already very high levels, and historic lows in rates possibly coming to an end soon, the time is a great one for homeowners to refinance their mortgages and reduce their unsecured debt, lower payments and provide themselves extra cash flow to handle life’s expenses and invest. (more…)

Announcing The Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan Affiliation

Make your mortgage tax deductible and pay it off years sooner!

This is my first note today about Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan (TDMP) mortgages. This is an exciting plan for many people who are paying too much in income taxes every year and are not able to save money or invest as they would like to. Best of all, this is court backed and with TDMP guidance, is a very safe strategy.