5 Year Variable Mortgage At Prime -.65%!

We have another mortgage special introduced recently that we are pleased to share with you. We now have a prime -.65% mortgage rate available to qualifying borrowers! Contact us to apply today!

2.99% mortgage rate 5 year fixed term!

Mortgage rates have generally come down recently, and we have a new special mortgage rate for you. It is 2.99% mortgage rate for a 5 year fixed term! This is a great offer to take advantage of. Please contact us for more details and to apply today!

Please note: This offer has now expired. Check out our homepage to see all of our latest new offers.

3.29% 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate!

We have a special promotion at one of our lenders of 3.29% for a 5 year fixed term. This is a great deal in the current market. Like all things in finance, this can change at any time, so you want to move fast.

I have many different lenders offering excellent rates and whether you have a simple or complex situation, we can find something that will work for you.

Call me today and let’s get started!



Looking at the Bigger Picture

All parties – bankers, lenders, mortgage brokers — have a responsibility to perform due diligence with every valued client we deal with. However, there is one step that is either over looked, or not valued, by some folks in this business. And it is a step that I feel should probably be held in the highest interests: placing our clients in a mortgage that will be serviceable not just today, but for years to come. (more…)

Housing Bubble?

CTV reported that Minister Flaherty stated he would act again if needed to cool an over heated market. For most Canadians this could translate in to stiffer rules when applying for home financing. For most existing home owners changes would only have an impact if they choose to purchase a new home, refinance their existing mortgage, or at renewal time. (more…)

2.59% mortgage for 3 years fixed!

We have another special for a 3 year fixed term at 2.59%. Contact us to apply today!

Please note: this promotion has now expired.

Obligatory Mortgage Rate Promotion

Well…I just finished writing an article about not looking for mortgage rates as a primary criteria of who to work with. And I do believe that. However, its good to have some idea of whats available. Right now, we still have 2.99% available for a 5 year fixed rate, and prime -50 for a 5 year variable.

To see if you can qualify for these or to see what you can qualify for and move forward with your mortgage needs, please contact me.

PLEASE NOTE: Well…that didn’t last long. The fixed rate promotion is no longer available.