Home Prices Expected To Remain Stable Due To Strong Demand

With all the doom and gloom I have been hearing over the last few months about housing prices going down and there being a bubble in the Vancouver housing market, I have stated on a number of occasions that while the market may be a bit quiet currently, it is normal for the summer months to be quieter, and it is compounded by the fact that the market is adjusting to the mortgage rule changes from the beginning of July. It is also a pattern that I have noticed that in the past 4 years, whenever the government has instituted tighter lending rules, that the market goes quieter for a period of 2-3 months before adjusting and returning to “normal” for lack of a better term. (more…)

An Unusual Day As A Mortgage Broker

The Bankers Strike Back!

Those who may read a fair bit of my website would tend to know I don’t tend to hold a whole lot back to be diplomatic about my thoughts and feelings. Well, a few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Do You Trust Your Banker?” Now, it seems someone in a bank read the headline and took offense to it, apparently without reading the whole article. I believe that anyone who DID read the article would understand that the point that I was making was that just because the bank is a large institution that you should not just trust every word they say without questioning or thinking about it. (more…)

Paying Down the Mortgage

Reducing consumer debt has been the name of game – from the Bank of Canada warnings of increasing household debt to the Government of Canada tightening mortgage rules. A recent survey by the Bank of Montreal said that 51% of Canadian homeowners are expecting to carry their mortgage into their retirement years. Wow! (more…)

2.84% mortgage rate for 5 years fixed!

I am a little beside myself as I typed this, I guess 3% was a psychological barrier that had to be crossed, like the 4 minute mile, and I am really surprised to see 5 year fixed mortgage rates drop this far below 3 percent, but we have at least 1 who has! Contact us today and lets see what we can do for you.

Update: Please note this rate is no longer available. Refer to the homepage for more updated information on rate specials.

2.89% 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Special!

I just got a new 5 year fixed rate special mortgage offer come in today. 2.89% for 5 year fixed! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower…it gets lower. This mortgage also has full pre-payment privileges. Please give me a call to discuss your individual circumstances which will allow me to let you know whether this is a good fit for you.

Update: Please note this rate is no longer available. Refer to the homepage for more updated information on rate specials.

5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage at 2.94%!

We have a new mortgage special available today, 2.94% for 5 years! This deal also has full prepayment privileges. It is a great deal for those who have excellent credit. Give me a call or write me today for more details about this offer.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is no longer available.

Mortgage Rule Change Story On Global TV BC

On Sunday I was interviewed by Global TV BC News regarding the mortgage rule changes. If you didn’t catch the broadcast at 6 pm, the late broadcast or the early morning news on the 9th, you can watch the broadcast below. The mortgage story begins at the 12:45 mark. It was a good experience. I was also on Fairchild TV a year ago but couldn’t get the video, so I am happy I can provide a video for you this time.

Do You Trust Your Banker?

Every so often, I hear a story that really quite shocks me. I have mentioned in various writings over the past few years about reasons why someone should be cautious when dealing with bank lenders, and I have a good summary about it (although I could probably add more as time has gone by and I continue to hear more) in this page about banks vs mortgage brokers. (more…)

2.69% For 3 Year Fixed Mortgage!

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Update: This promotion is no longer available. Please keep coming back for more promotions to come.