Save Money with a Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan

Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loans Save You Money!

Are you carrying balances on credit cards, lines of credit, or other loans? Are these financial obligations becoming a burden? You can use the value in your home to get a debt consolidation mortgage loan. This can save you money, improve your cash flow, and ease your financial strain.

The Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan

A debt consolidation mortgage loan is a type of home equity loan that combines your debts into a single, lower-interest mortgage. This can greatly cut your monthly payments and help you manage your finances well. Let’s consider a detailed example to illustrate the potential savings.

Consider the following example (please note: the interest rate on this example is for illustration purposes only):

Payment TypeAmountMonthly Payments
Existing Mortgage @5.5%$ 230,362.61$ 1,227.74
Credit Card Debt @ 19%$ 35,000$ 1050.00
Car Loan @ 6.5%$ 15,000$ 450.00
Total$ 280,362.61$ 2727.74
New Mortgage @5.5%$ 280,362.61$ 1494.22
Monthly Savings $ 1233.52

Could You Use an Extra $1,200/month Tax-Free?

In this example, without even lowering the mortgage interest rate, you could save over $1,200 per month. How? By combining your debts into a new mortgage. Many people have higher debt levels and could save even more with a debt consolidation loan.

How Does a Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan Work?

  1. Assessment of Your Debts. We start by evaluating your current high-interest debts. These include credit cards, personal loans, and car loans.
  2. Equity Evaluation. We assess the equity you’ve built in your home. This equity can be used to refinance your mortgage and pay off your existing debts.
  3. New Mortgage Plan. We create a new mortgage plan that puts your debts into one lower-interest mortgage. This plan will have more manageable monthly payments.

Advantages of a Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan

  • Lower Monthly Payments. Rolling high-interest debts into a single mortgage payment lowers your effective interest rate. This reduces your total monthly payment.
  • Simplified Finances. Managing one mortgage payment is easier than juggling many debt payments.
  • Interest Savings. Mortgages have lower interest rates than credit cards and personal loans, resulting in big savings over time.
  • Improved Cash Flow. The monthly savings can improve your cash flow. You can put money toward savings, investments, or other financial goals.
  • Peace Of Mind. Everyone who has faced financial strain worries about tomorrow. Knowing that your finances are under control will save you stress and allow you to sleep better at night. You’ll feel better, and life will be more enjoyable.

Why Choose Us for Your Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan?

At Mortgage Architects – A Better Way, we offer many mortgage options tailored to suit your needs. You may qualify for a conventional mortgage. Or if you are in a difficult situation, you may need a B lender. Or maybe you can’t leave your current lender and you may be looking for a second mortgage. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to get you the best deal for financial relief and stability.

Take the First Step Towards Financial Freedom

Combining costly after-tax debt is a wise investment in your financial well-being. Many debts are after-tax and aren’t tax deductible. It puts a strain on your finances. Consolidating this debt provides much-needed relief. The process is easy and begins with filling out a simple form. Once we have your information, we’ll contact you, discuss your options and make a plan for you.

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