An Unusual Day As A Mortgage Broker

The Bankers Strike Back!

Those who may read a fair bit of my website would tend to know I don’t tend to hold a whole lot back to be diplomatic about my thoughts and feelings. Well, a few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Do You Trust Your Banker?” Now, it seems someone in a bank read the headline and took offense to it, apparently without reading the whole article. I believe that anyone who DID read the article would understand that the point that I was making was that just because the bank is a large institution that you should not just trust every word they say without questioning or thinking about it. (more…)

Mortgage Rule Change Story On Global TV BC

On Sunday I was interviewed by Global TV BC News regarding the mortgage rule changes. If you didn’t catch the broadcast at 6 pm, the late broadcast or the early morning news on the 9th, you can watch the broadcast below. The mortgage story begins at the 12:45 mark. It was a good experience. I was also on Fairchild TV a year ago but couldn’t get the video, so I am happy I can provide a video for you this time.

Do You Trust Your Banker?

Every so often, I hear a story that really quite shocks me. I have mentioned in various writings over the past few years about reasons why someone should be cautious when dealing with bank lenders, and I have a good summary about it (although I could probably add more as time has gone by and I continue to hear more) in this page about banks vs mortgage brokers. (more…)

7 Ways To Build and Improve Your Credit Rating

I quite often meet with new clients who want to apply for financing and are looking for the best “A” mortgage rate possible. Everything looks good…until I check their credit. There are many different cases where clients of mine have poor credit for no really good reason. It is always rationalized to me by saying “The minimum payment is only $10 per month, I didn’t think it was a big deal” or something similar to that effect.


Canada’s Mortgage Market is NOT like the U.S.

As a Mortgage Professional I often field client inquiries about risks facing Canadian real estate and mortgage markets. With all the turmoil taking place across the border and around the world in real estate markets, now is a good time to clarify some of the differences between us and our neighbours south of the border. Below I have condensed and bullet-pointed a recent Economic Research Report released by Scotiabank that explains the many differences well:


Mortgages in a Brave New World


I became a mortgage broker to help families take control of their finances, away from the banks and government. Mortgages are the loans with the lowest interest rates available. I help families to finance their beautiful new homes, decrease taxes, increase net worth, improve cash flow, and decrease debt costs.

I have discovered things that are essential for families to understand when living in a country like Canada. And since I would like to help your family, I will share them with you.