This Is The End…Of Low Mortgage Rates?

Well…the sky is falling. Rates have gone up with many lenders by about 0.5% over the past week due to increases in the bond market yields. We do still have rates as low as 2.99% at the moment, but I believe its quite possible those will increase at any time.


Vancouver Housing Market Heats Up

If you have been reading my website for a while, you know that I have said the market would heat up again and in the spring it gets busier. It has been my opinion that the market has been continuously slowed by more difficult mortgage qualifying rules and that there is always an adjustment period with values after changes are made, after which the market resumes. (more…)

Burst Bubble in Real Estate? Actually…0.49%

Amidst all the doom and gloom about the real estate mortgage in Vancouver comes a story that puts it all into perspective.

I was visiting my father last week, and he couldn’t wait to show me an article in Macleans magazine talking about the major property value crash coming up. I read it quickly, it seemed to be more opinions than anything really substantial. I would agree that it’s hard to see the market appreciating by 5% or more per year in the future as it has until now, because real estate in the City of Vancouver is not very affordable by the average family.

However, many people are currently wishing to buy but are holding off until the ‘great crash” happens. I have heard about this “great crash” in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and…2012. There have been dips at times in those 5 years, but they have lasted a few months at most and then the market resumes and those “dips” are quickly wiped away. (more…)

2.74% for 5 years! And NO Mr. Flaherty I will not change it

We do have a special for 2.74% for 5 years. There are certain restrictions and conditions to it, so contact me for more information and to apply. And as per my title, unlike the other Canadian mortgage lenders who federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty calls to tell them to increase their rates and they oblige, I will not increase my rates based on political pressure.

I declare that unlike the finance minister, I believe that your money is best served in your pocket and not in corporate profits. I am a man of the people. Contact me today and lets get you a terms and conditions that work for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This special is no longer available.

5 Year Fixed Mortgage at 2.79%!

I think this could be the lowest 5 year fixed mortgage rate offered in Canada. 2.79% for a 5 year fixed mortgage.

This is not a misprint. No, your eyes are not failing you.

As always, this rate is subject to qualification, so give me a call today. I can take an application and get you the best deal possible, and if I can get you the above deal, I most certainly will.

Call me today at 604-318-1292.


PLEASE NOTE: This rate is no longer available.

2.89% For a 5 Year Fixed Mortgage!

Rates with many lenders have gone up slightly in recent weeks, but we have this great special available for you still at 2.89%. Please call me to set up a time to qualify on this limited-time special mortgage offer.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is no longer available.

3 Impactful 2013 Resolutions for Your Home

Whether it’s most important for you and your family to shrink your bills or reduce your carbon footprint, these resolutions are commendable. Here are some useful tips that can benefit ecological conservation, make more time for family, and lead to home harmonization. (more…)

Rent to Own

The idea of rent to own has been getting a lot of media attention lately as buyers in all geographic areas and economic positions look for ways to have their money work more effectively for them.

The “rent to own” strategy has been very active in the United States for years, and with the newly increased media attention it is starting to become a more viable option for homeownership in Canada as well. (more…)

Vancouver Home Prices – Its Not About You

The Canadian Real Estate Association Recently provided updated statistics for the average MLS price in Vancouver, showing selling prices decreased from an average of $778,000 to $725,000 from August of 2011 to August 0f 2012. There is a general feeling that has been around that this is doom and gloom time and that there is a housing bubble that is bursting and soon there will be mass foreclosures and horror will spread across the land. The feeling that its a bad time to sell your house from people who own one, and for those who are considering buying, the feeling is fear of buying because prices might go down even more. (more…)

5 Steps to Managing Debt

There’s been a lot of media attention on the Canadian economy and the high volume of consumer debt. With all the hype, it seems like a good time to remind you of some strategies for minimizing debt and making sure the interest that you pay seems appropriate. (more…)